Cardiolife TEC-5600

Improving quality of resuscitation

Saving life, Restoring life, Sustaining life


Designed for improving quality of resuscitation the Cardiolife TEC-5600 is a professional biphasic monitor/defibrillator supporting BLS and ALS teams in hospitals and clinics with its intuitive, fast and effective operation from early detection over resuscitation to post cardiac management.

Innovative key technologies such as cap-ONE ETCO2 and ec1 arrhythmia analysis effectively improve the quality of resuscitation and patient monitoring throughout the process of saving life, restoring life and sustaining life.


  • Mode options: AED, Manual Defibrillation, Synchronized Cardioversion, Non-invasive Pacing, Monitoring
  • Fast defibrillation in manual and AED mode
  • Compact and lightweight design with highest performance for resuscitation and rapid response teams in hospitals and clinics
  • Easy to transport
  • Intuitive 3-step-operation design
  • High-resolution colour LCD display
  • Innovative key technologies: cap-ONE ETCO2, ec1 arrhythmia analysis, ActiBiphasic technology and more
  • Optional viewer software
  • Standardized accessories with TEC-8300 series and Nihon Kohden patient monitors

Saving life Shock efficiency on demand

  • Effective management of early defibrillation by shock efficiency on demand
  • Fast defibrillation and ECG recovery for fast shocks and continuous observation
  • Continuous VF analysis
  • ActiBiphasic technology

Restoring life Assure effectiveness of resuscitation

  • Effective resuscitation by assured advanced airway management and high quality CPR
  • Innovative cap-ONE ETCO2 technology
  • Minimization of CPR pauses

Sustaining life Post cardiac arrest management

  • Effective post cardiac arrest management by capturing and analysing vital signs parameters
  • Innovative cap-ONE ETCO2 and BluPRO SpO2 technology
  • ec1 arrhythmia analysis for improved detection rate of arrhythmia and reducing number of false alarms
  • Decision support of post cardiac arrest with optional viewer software and monitoring function
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