Moniteur Central de Télémétrie Numérique

WEP-5204, WEP-5208


The WEP-5204/WEP-5208 telemetry central monitor from NIHON KOHDEN offers effective and flexible patient monitoring. Every patient monitor of the Life Scope series (except the BSM-9100) can be equipped with a telemetry transmitter for monitoring from the telemetry central monitor.

A variety of transmitters enables mobile monitoring of patients. The following parameters can be displayed on the telemetry central monitor: 1- and 2-channel ECG, respiration, 2-channel temperature, SpO2, NIBP and 3-channel IBP.

A network connection easily integrates the central telemetry station into the Life Scope network, enabling simultaneous monitoring of the telemetry system on the CNS-9701 central station.



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  • Monitoring of 4 or 8 beds / transmitters
  • 15-in TFT LCD display with touchscreen
  • Display of up to 5 curves and 13 numeric values
  • Comprehensive arrhythmia analysis and ST segment measurement
  • Trend graphing up to 96 hours with graphical and numerical trend data (optional)
  • Expanded memory with optional memory card
  • Integrated 3-channel thermal printer