LifeScope G9 – The future of patient care

Modern medicine in critical care requires reliable monitoring with all information at a glance and displayed intuitively for immediate intervention actions. LifeScope G9 is designed for the highest needs by steady quality, clever integration of present patient conditions and past history on the easiest user interface level to support a better clinical decision.

Be informed in one view

  • by optimized setup for each specialist
  • Up to 3 screens configurable for individual needs
  • Overview without touching – the tailor made Home Screen
  • Target graphs as clear indicators
  • Look beyond by NeuroMonitoring with aEEG

Faster intervention

  • by decisive information at fingertip
  • Just flicking for needed information on G-Scope
  • Comprehensive ST-Review for 12-lead ECG
  • No workplace change by providing lab, infusion pump, X-Ray and medical charts data directly on the display
  • Profit from early hemodynamic notifications by the easily available esCCO technology

Efficient operation

  • throughout the hospital
  • Build your screen just by drag and drop
  • Smart Cable Technology for flexible patient condition adjustments
  • Profit from the smart transport monitor LifeScope PT and anywhere, anytime ViTrac app
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The genesis of monitoring

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