The brightly backlight colour LCD display makes reading ECG data easy. You can enter patient names and numbers using an alphanumeric keypad to help you identify patients and store your data more easily, and transfer your ECG data to a PC using an SD card for diagnostics using optional data management software.

The ECG-1250 unit includes possibilities for extended recording. As soon as the unit detects arrhythmias, recording from the rhythm lead or lead group can be automatically extended. The first lead group’s recording can also be extended manually.


Data transfer is a simple matter using USB-LAN or W-LAN. However, you can also transfer your data to a PC using an optional SD card, and the data prepared for further use our optional DMS data management software. This allows you to manage a large amount of ECG data and diagnoses.



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  • 3-6-channel ECG printout in real time
  • 12-channel LCD colour display with heartrate and artefact display
  • Measurement and interpretation of resting ECG
  • Manual and automatic recording
  • 110 mm thermal printer
  • Integrated alphanumeric keypad
  • Analogue output to control monitor
  • Integrated SD card reader
  • 2 USB ports
  • AC/battery operation
  • Paperless documentation using optional DMS software
  • Start/Stop function via ergometer control
Twelve-channel ECG, six traces, analysis results and typical traces
Twelve-channel ECG, three traces, analysis results and typical traces
Automatic extension of recording once arrhythmias are recognised