Neurofax EEG-1200 represents the high end in digital EEG systems. The modular system approach gives you intelligent, state-of-the-art functionality with utmost versatility.

As a PC-supported EEG system it enables registration, evaluation and analysis of EEG and polygraphic data. An amplifier for recording up to 256 channels with scan rates of up to 10,000 Hz combined with the well-known excellent signal quality enables reliable use in the field of scientific investigations. In addition, up to 16 DC signals (including 8 external triggers) can be recorded.

Even in the standard version, the user-friendly software with a wide range of functions for recording, playback and analysis of the data leaves nothing to be desired. Optional software, e.g. the trend program or various packages for the detection of spikes and seizures enable powerful and sophisticated analysis. A wide range of export formats ensure that evaluation of the data can also be performed in special scientific programs.

Our powerful data management system provides user-friendly administration and organisation of all patient, examination and findings data. Modern communication interfaces (HL7 and GDT/BDT) also enable integration into hospital and practice information systems.


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  • Amplifier with up to 256 channels
  • Up to 16 DC (incl. 8 trigger channels)
  • Display of up to 300 channels on the monitor screen
  • Photostimulator with powerful, long-life xenon lamp
  • Data management system
  • HL7 and GDT/BDT interface
  • Software package
  • Software options
  • Video options