The POLYSMITH™ from NIHON KOHDEN combines a sleep analysis software package with a family of recording devices that offer a PSG solution fully customized to your organization.

Quick and accurate analysis of data is a fundamental requirement for every sleep laboratory. A broad spectrum of hardware and diagnostic software modules for sleep or multi-disciplinary labs is setting new standards for evaluating sleep-related events. POLYSMITH™ is compatible with all portable, mobile and stationary NIHON KOHDEN recording systems (up to 192 channels), which have been in use for decades for EEG and sleep studies with a constant focus on high-quality leads.

The combination of high-performance signal processing and first-class display algorithms gives you a clear picture of your data. The many display options allow you to easily configure the screen just the way you need it. Individual combinations of trend curves and original curves on a different time axis can be created and saved for the specific user. Watermarks in the background indicate e.g. the position of the patient’s body, sleep stage and treatment level.

In addition to the sleep stage analyses (choose between R & K or AASM rules), respiratory events, leg movements, ECG, arousal and SpO2, POLYSMITH™ can also analyze blood pressure, pulse transit time, an optional comprehensive Holter ECG,  EtCO2 and pH.  These analyses are available for both adult and pediatric patients.

In the final analysis, the quality of your sleep lab is judged by the data you deliver. The Surveysmith Report Generator from POLYSMITH™ was developed with special expert knowledge to guarantee this quality. Use this convenient tool to create individual templates for reports, expert opinions and recommendations.

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  • Compatible with all portable, mobile and stationary NIHON KOHDEN recording systems
  • Analysis of screening, polygraphy and polysomnography recordings
  • Automatic and manual analysis including of
    -Sleep stages (choose between R & K or AASM)
    -Leg movements
    -Respiratory events
    -SpO2, EtCO2, pH
    -Pulse transit time, blood pressure, ECG analysis
  • User-defined layouts with individual trend diagrams
  • Watermarks in the background for body position, sleep stage, etc.
  • Surveysmith Report Generator with hyperlinks to the original data
  • Import and export options in European Data Format EDF