New Directions for the 21st Century

2000Neuropack µ MEB-9100 Evoked Potential/EMG Measuring System

Neuropack µ MEB-9100 Evoked Potential/EMG Measuring System

Windows® 2000 provides extremely stable operation as well as standard networking, easy operation and compatibility with common software.

Neuropack µ is a notebook PC-based unit which is both portable and extremely powerful. Optional hardware and software allow application to different areas of the hospital.

2003CO2 mainstream sensor CapONE

CO2 mainstream sensor CapONE

The world's first innovative and completely unique CO2 mainstream sensor for monitoring patients that have not been intubated does not require a module. As the CapONE does not require a gas sample tube, this substantially reduces the risk of infection and contamination, thus significantly improving patient safety.

2004WEE-1000 Wireless EEG Unit

WEE-1000 Wireless EEG Unit

Wireless EEG monitoring gives the patient comfort and freedom of movement. Waveforms are saved in memory on the unit for times when the patient walks out of the receiver range.

2004Wireless cuff for ECG, Resp., SpO2 and NIBP: ZS-940PG

Wireless cuff for ECG, Resp., SpO2 and NIBP: ZS-940PG

Continuous measurement enables the patient to be monitored constantly. It is therefore possible to respond quickly to changes in vital data. This wireless patient monitoring increases patient safety and simplifies application in day-to-day use.

2008New, outstanding Multi-Connector

New, outstanding Multi-Connector

The outstanding performance of the NIHON KOHDEN Multi-Connectors has been expanded to include BISx and the second option of measuring SpO2. Operation is extremely easy since the BSM-6000 or BSM-9101 devices automatically detect the type of sensor plugged in, before the measurement process. In addition to this efficient work process, this Multi-Connector reduces both running costs and procurement costs.

2009New database for cardiology and neurology: polaris.one

New database for cardiology and neurology: polaris.one

The new polaris.one database greatly simplifies the automatic data exchange and communication between a hospital information system and NIHON KOHDEN cardiology and neurology devices. One special feature is the fact that patient data from ECG devices, defibrillators, and neurological diagnostic devices are all managed in just one database.

2010NIHON KOHDEN implements aEEG in patient monitoring

NIHON KOHDEN implements aEEG in patient monitoring

With the new generation of amplitude-integrated EEG devices (aEEG), the trend in brain activity provides important information at a glance. The method of pattern recognition is based on filtered and time-compressed EEG focusing on the signal amplitude, thus providing simple analysis of the long-term changes and trends in electrocortical background activity.

2011esCCO - A Novel Technology

esCCO - A Novel Technology

A Novel Technology to Non-Invasively Measure Continuous Cardiac Output from ECG and SpO2.