NIHON KOHDEN Corporation (Japan) was founded by Dr. Yoshio Ogino in 1951. Our vision from the start "Improving Healthcare with Advanced Technology" resulted in NIHON KOHDEN expanding into Japan’s leading medical equipment manufacturer. Dr. Ogino and his initial staff of twelve shared the ground-breaking concept of combining engineering and medicine – two disciplines that were firmly separated up to 1951. The result was a totally new form of ideas factory, one that was capable of efficiently and rapidly transforming the latest findings from medical research into high-quality, cutting-edge technical equipment; as an example, it took the company a mere four months from starting business to developing and marketing the world’s first AC powered eight-channel EEG unit – the ME-1D.

Currently, NIHON KOHDEN is Japan’s largest medical equipment manufacturer with a staff over three thousand seven hundred employees across the globe – a major international supplier of highly reliable state-of-the-art medical technology. The company’s shares are traded in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s “First Section” for major enterprises.

We at NIHON KOHDEN EUROPE GmbH (NKE) European headquarters are responsible for the entire European market.

Apart from our subsidiaries, NIHON KOHDEN Italia (Bergamo), NIHON KOHDEN Iberica (Madrid), NIHON KOHDEN France (Paris) , NIHON KOHDEN Germany (Berlin) and NIHON KOHDEN UK (Surrey), we also have a tightly woven specialist distribution network that covers every country in Europe.


International expansion timeline:

1979 NIHON KOHDEN America, Inc. founded

1983 NIHON KOHDEN Deutschland GmbH founded

1989 NIHON KOHDEN Europe Ltd. founded

1991 NIHON KOHDEN Shanghai Ltd. founded

1996 NIHON KOHDEN Singapore Pte Ltd. founded

1996 Fusion between NIHON KOHDEN Deutschland GmbH and NIHON KOHDEN Europe Ltd.

2000 NIHON KOHDEN Corporation Beijing Representative Office founded

2001 NIHON KOHDEN Italia S.r.l. founded

2003 NIHON KOHDEN Iberia S.L. founded

2004 NIHON KOHDEN Korea Inc. founded

2004 NIHON KOHDEN Latin America Representative Office founded

2004 NIHON KOHDEN France SARL founded

2005 NIHON KOHDEN Guangzhou Representative Office founded

2005 NIHON KOHDEN Middle East Office founded

2010 NIHON KOHDEN UK Ltd. founded