NetKonnect from NIHON KOHDEN enables a remote access to data in the patient monitor network. The system distinguishes between hospital network and external access.

Playback in real time
You can access the patient’s condition as well as real-time trends from a consultation office, doctor’s office, medical centre or any other place and discuss treatment with nursing staff where they are. This increases efficiency and saves time in patient monitoring.

Simple WEB browser access
Curves and data from bedside monitors are shown simply and clearly using a web browser. The familiar display gives you intuitive control.

Complete patient data
Patient data consists of curves, 12-channel ECG, full disclosure*, arrhythmia and ST playback*, trends* and other information* as you would find on the bedside monitor. (*Note: you will need a CNS-9701 Central Monitor to display the data.)

Confidentiality guaranteed
Data protection and controlled access to patient data is of major importance in a network. The admin can set up several users. The standard package includes five user accounts (QP-983P only).


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