HL7 Gateway Server


The new NIHON KOHDEN HL7 Gateway Server enables data communication between the hospital or Clinical Information System (HIS/CIS) and a NIHON KOHDEN Patient Monitoring System.


The connection to the Clinical Information System allows an easy integration of vital data (numeric data as well as grphical data), ECG-Analysis, ST-Measurements and Arrhythmia-Analysis-Information from the Patient Monitoring System.

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The Gateway Server allows:

  • Patient query
  • Periodic refresh of patient information
  • Periodic output of vital data
  • Periodic output of alarm events
  • Output of vital data
  • Output of recently stored vital data
  • Sequential output of waveforms
  • Output of review data
  • Output of arrhythmia recall data
  • Output of ST recall data
  • Output of 12-lead ECG Analysis data
  • Incorporation of patient data from CIS/HIS