Software options

BESA Epilepsy spike evaluation software

BESA Epilepsy is and optional software for the rapid detection, visualisation and evaluation of epileptiform activities with non-invasive EEG recordings.

  • Automatic detection and grouping (clustering) of brief epileptic discharges in 2-hour phases
  • Rapid evaluation of long-term EEG data with the aid of new Hypercluster technology
  • Complete evaluation and report generation for a 24-hour interval within 5 minutes

Reveal Spikes & Seizure detector

Software for the online and offline detection of spikes and attacks in the routine and long-term area

EEGFocus™ analysis software

Software for EEG source analysis, with source overlays, correlation analyses, DSA, potential, CSD and FFT mapping

Polysmith™ Sleep analysis software

Automatic sleep analysis software for the detection of sleep stages, respiratory events, PLMs, arousals etc., including extensive report functions